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This is such a phenomenal idea! The idea behind Storyville Gardens is unlike anything else in the country. In a world dominated by television and movies, Storyville Gardens is building their dream on books, and I couldn't be any happier about it! Adventure awaits!

- Wes Adams

I am overjoyed by this project…I cannot wait!!!

- Erica Kuehnle-Lane

This thrills my heart. The things these gents are describing are what make my heart beat. What hope lies ahead for children, families, and our nation through such a place as Storyville Gardens. The vision is stellar and I want to be involved. Press on. This is just stunning.

- Ruthanne Eileen Shepherd

By the look of the "flyover" design video, this looks like it will be an awesome destination for children and adults alike.

- Lindsey Scruggs

OMG I am beyond excited about this!! It will be great for everyone!! As always, awesome work DeLisa Guerrier!

- AliMow Setalsingh

I’m so excited for this!! Please open soon!! Ready to buy our family’s season pass!

- Stephanie Gatica

This is an absolutely wonderful idea. Can not wait to take my grandchildren there. Would love to be one of their storytellers.

- Deb Campbell

This is awesome! Looking forward to future news about the project. Be blessed!

- Doug Meacham

I am so excited about this!!! Thank you Storyville Gardens for starting this amazing journey to a beautiful theme park!

- David Smith